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Presbytery Meeting

Presbytery MeetingFriday, January 29th, 2021 Held at Chalcedon Presbyterian ChurchCumming, Georgia Video – 3 Sessions Docket Session 18:45 AM – In-Person Registration9:00 AM – Call to Order by the Moderator, and Opening Prayer9:10 AM – Determination of a Quorum and the Adoption of the Proposed Docket9:20 AM – Moderator’s Remarks9:30 AM – Opening Hymn9:35 AMContinue reading “Presbytery Meeting”

Questions and Answers About Evangelists

            Vanguard Presbytery’s view of evangelists receives more questions from people that anything else we believe. Thus, I want to take this opportunity to address some of the questions that come to us. 1. Q. On what basis can Vanguard Presbytery hold to the office of evangelist since evangelists are only mentioned in three places inContinue reading “Questions and Answers About Evangelists”

This Neo-liberalism is Worse than Neo-orthodoxy

            There is a terrible heresy that is eroding the foundations of almost all the denominations in North America in this second decade of the twenty-first century. It is not really a new heresy, but the same old heresy from the past dressed up in new clothes. The architects of this new heresy have learned fromContinue reading “This Neo-liberalism is Worse than Neo-orthodoxy”


Last week, The Aquila Report published there 50 most read articles for 2020. Articles that I wrote were the first, second, and tenth most read articles for the year. An article by Al Baker on his reasons for leaving the PCA was the third most read article for the year. Over the past three years,Continue reading “Reflection”

Can the Church Legislate?

            For centuries, Christian churches have legislated concerning many different matters. Denominations have made all kinds of rules and distinctives. This has become a part of our regular experience. It would be great if we could say that such legislation was restricted to the Catholic Church, but that is not the case. Legislation has happened soContinue reading “Can the Church Legislate?”

Who Rules the Church?

            Over the past few weeks, we have looked at the rules of the OPC and the ARP concerning congregations that want to withdraw from those respective denominations. Such rules are not only important for congregations to consider before they unite with a denomination, but it is also absolutely imperative that they do so. Of course,Continue reading “Who Rules the Church?”

Withdrawing From The Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church

            Last week we considered the procedures for a congregation to withdraw from the OPC. This week we are considering the same concerning the ARP. Whenever I talk to people who are thinking of leaving the PCA, those two denominations along with Vanguard Presbytery are usually cited as viable options. One minister who attended the veryContinue reading “Withdrawing From The Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church”

The OPC and Local Church Property

            Over the past two weeks, I have been contacted by five different people with Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC) connections concerning the things I have written about a congregation withdrawing from that denomination with their property. One individual told me outright that I have misrepresented the OPC’s Constitution, values, and culture. He asked me to correct orContinue reading “The OPC and Local Church Property”

Matthew 18:15-18

            Matthew 18:15-18 is one of the most basic passages in Scripture concerning church government. It is for the purpose of restoring an erring brother and lays out various steps that must be taken to do so. First, you go to your brother in private and tell him of his sin between the two of you.Continue reading “Matthew 18:15-18”

Questions and Answers

            As churches consider their options concerning a denomination where they can land, I thought it would be helpful to give some answers to various questions that have been addressed to me. 1. Q. Will every church in Vanguard be required to hire a staff member as an evangelist? A. No, there is no requirement inContinue reading “Questions and Answers”

Where Then Shall We Go?

Vanguard Presbytery: Where Then Shall We Go?             The great question facing many congregations is this: If we leave our present denomination, where do we go? Vanguard Presbytery is a great option as the chart below illustrates: Question or Issue Vanguard Presbytery Orthodox Pres Church (OPC) Associate ReformedPresbyterian (ARP) Allows various views of creation Holds toContinue reading “Where Then Shall We Go?”

“Yes, It Is Too Time”

            The Presbyterian Journal was founded in 1942 by Dr. L. Nelson Bell, the father of Ruth Bell Graham, who had been a medical missionary in China for many years before returning to the US. He was distressed with the encroaching liberalism in the PCUS so he and Dr. Henry Dendy started the above-named magazine to informContinue reading ““Yes, It Is Too Time””

The Eleventh Commandment of Presbyterians

            There is an unwritten rule that almost has the binding authority of a commandment among most Presbyterians. Every natural born Presbyterian knows this rule from birth. Every convert to Presbyterianism soon learns it. It is not directly taught in any new members class, but the culture of most Presbyterian congregations display it. I once observedContinue reading “The Eleventh Commandment of Presbyterians”

The Gospel According to Progressives

            One of the problems facing Christians today is that progressives have subtly deleted important doctrines from the gospel to supposedly make it more palatable to modern man. Those deleted doctrines are not enumerated by them, so Christians have to pay careful attention to their pastors in order to identify their errors. These modern progressives stillContinue reading “The Gospel According to Progressives”

A Retrospective View

            At present, there are 334 people on my email list, many of whom have asked to be included over the past few months. In this article I am going to look back at how Vanguard Presbytery got started to give everyone a little history of this movement and to clear up some false informationContinue reading “A Retrospective View”

How Then Shall We Begin?

            One of the criticisms of Vanguard Presbytery that I have heard in certain circles is that we did not start in the Presbyterian way. What does that even mean? There is nothing in the Scripture that gives us the “Presbyterian way” that new denominations are supposed to start. There is nothing in any Presbyterian denomination’sContinue reading “How Then Shall We Begin?”

Safeguards Against Progressivism

            A question I am often asked whenever I visit with pastors and churches is this: How is Vanguard Presbytery going to prevent the same thing happening in her communion that has happened to the PCUS, PCA, and multitudes of other denominations. Here are the things I tell people:             First, the downfall of my former denominationContinue reading “Safeguards Against Progressivism”

We Desperately Need Evangelistic Preaching

Originally posted on FORGET NONE OF HIS BENEFITS:
FORGET NONE OF HIS BENEFITSvolume 19, number 36, August 27, 2020 “We proclaim Him.” -Colossians 1:28 Only 23 percent of Americans attend church or synagogue every week while 40 percent of Americans claim they are very religious.[1] Another study paints an even bleaker picture, saying that only 17.7 percent…

Radical Christianity

Originally posted on FORGET NONE OF HIS BENEFITS:
FORGET NONE OF HIS BENEFITSvolume 19, number 35, August 20, 2020 “For the word of God is living and active, and sharper than any two-edged sword, and piercing as far as the division of soul and spirit, of both joints and marrow, and is able to judge…

Membership Vows

            One of the things we are seeking to do in Vanguard Presbytery is to always go back to the Scripture. For that reason, our proposed Book of Church Order (as of August 5, 2020) adds a membership vow which has been left out of every other Presbyterian book of polity with which I am familiar (and mostContinue reading “Membership Vows”

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