Spiritual Depression

            In the early 1960’s, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones preached several sermons at Westminster Chapel on the subject of depression. They were taken down in shorthand by a member of the church and edited for publication by Bethan Lloyd-Jones, his wife. I believe I am correct in stating that sermon series came to Lloyd-Jones as he wasContinue reading “Spiritual Depression”

John Calvin on Christ’s Atonement

            In last week’s article, I referred to a visit to the home of Dr. D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones in 1977 when his successor, R. T. Kendall, was writing his book, Calvin and English Calvinism to 1649. Kendall’s thesis was that the Puritans had changed Calvinistic theology for the worse by developing the doctrine of limited atonement orContinue reading “John Calvin on Christ’s Atonement”

Remembering Dr. D. Martin Lloyd-Jones

            I do not remember when I first learned of Dr. D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, but it was shortly after I became a Christian. One of the first books I read was Arnold Dallimore’s, George Whitefield: The life and times of the great evangelist of the 18th century revival, which I purchased in 1970 while I was still inContinue reading “Remembering Dr. D. Martin Lloyd-Jones”

Learning from Errol Hulse

            In 1977, it was my privilege to make a trip to Great Britain to attend the Leicester Minister’s Conference by the Banner of Truth Trust. It was a trip I will never forget as I got to meet many British Christians, some of whom I had known only through their writings—‘the Doctor’ D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones,Continue reading “Learning from Errol Hulse”

Old Soldiers Never Die

            One of my favorite pastimes is to read spy stories. It is a fascination that began during my teenage years as I would read various articles in The Reader’s Digest about Soviet espionage and the dangers it posed for the freedom of America. That is probably also where my lifelong interest in Russia began. When IContinue reading “Old Soldiers Never Die”

God’s Way or Ours?

            One of the hallmark doctrines of the Protestant Reformation was Sola Scriptura, Scripture Alone. The Reformers were willing to die on that hill defending the sufficiency of Scripture alone to guide our doctrine, our worship, and our church government. We hold to that same principle. Yet, it was the Reformers and their children who gaveContinue reading “God’s Way or Ours?”

Evangelists are Elders

            One of the subjects dearest to the heart of those of us who started Vanguard Presbytery is the office of evangelist. It is also the doctrinal position that has caused the most disagreement with us by people who should be supportive of our efforts. Perhaps there are many reasons for such disagreement, but the mainContinue reading “Evangelists are Elders”

Always Do the Higher Commandment First

            Herman Bavinck’s, Reformed Ethics: The Duties of the Christian Life, is essential reading for reformed pastors in this writer’s opinion. I have been reading through it recently and was much benefitted by the second chapter of this volume, “Collision and Classification of Duties.” The gist of the chapter is answering the question of what is ourContinue reading “Always Do the Higher Commandment First”

The Importance of Good Rules

            There was an article recently on The Aquila Report by PCA pastor, Jacob Gerber, “The Biblical Foundations of Parliamentary Procedure”, which made some very good points, especially this one: “if we were to tease all the principles that the Bible teaches for resolving disagreements in the church, we would end up with a system that looks veryContinue reading “The Importance of Good Rules”

Matthew 18, the PCA, and the Wild, Wild West

            One of the advantages of being old is that you have been around a long time and seen a lot of things. I like that commercial for Farmers Insurance where actor J. K. Simmons makes the statement, “At Farmers Insurance we know a thing or two because we’ve seen a thing or two.” Not allContinue reading “Matthew 18, the PCA, and the Wild, Wild West”