Always Do the Higher Commandment First

            Herman Bavinck’s, Reformed Ethics: The Duties of the Christian Life, is essential reading for reformed pastors in this writer’s opinion. I have been reading through it recently and was much benefitted by the second chapter of this volume, “Collision and Classification of Duties.” The gist of the chapter is answering the question of what is ourContinue reading “Always Do the Higher Commandment First”

The Importance of Good Rules

            There was an article recently on The Aquila Report by PCA pastor, Jacob Gerber, “The Biblical Foundations of Parliamentary Procedure”, which made some very good points, especially this one: “if we were to tease all the principles that the Bible teaches for resolving disagreements in the church, we would end up with a system that looks veryContinue reading “The Importance of Good Rules”

Matthew 18, the PCA, and the Wild, Wild West

            One of the advantages of being old is that you have been around a long time and seen a lot of things. I like that commercial for Farmers Insurance where actor J. K. Simmons makes the statement, “At Farmers Insurance we know a thing or two because we’ve seen a thing or two.” Not allContinue reading “Matthew 18, the PCA, and the Wild, Wild West”

Is Vanguard Presbytery Hyber-Calvinistic?

            A few days ago I was told of a seminary professor at a reformed seminary in the US who was being asked by students about Vanguard Presbytery. Supposedly, his reply was that Vanguard is far right and hyper-Calvinistic. I feel something of what Jesus felt when Nicodemus came to Him by night and our LordContinue reading “Is Vanguard Presbytery Hyber-Calvinistic?”

Church Courts Commend, But Do Not Command

            When I awakened this morning, I had an email from a Reformed Christian friend in Dubai, UAE. He referred to Jonathan Edward’s, A History of the Work of Redemption, particularly a section concerning the success of the gospel in the ‘empire of Muscovy’ (Russia):   I proceed now to show what success the gospel has had in these laterContinue reading “Church Courts Commend, But Do Not Command”

“I Have a Few Things Against You”

            In Revelation 2:1-3:22, Jesus addresses letters to the seven churches in Asia Minor. Some of those letters are commendatory. Some of them are rebukes. The letters to the churches at Pergamum and Thyatira have some important similarities. Both churches were commended for their Christian graces. Pergamum dwelt where Satan’s throne was and held fast theContinue reading ““I Have a Few Things Against You””

Apostolic Christianity

            On consecutive days last week, two people mentioned to me that events in their church reminded them of the Apostolic church. Both people are in Vanguard Presbytery congregations. One person is a lady in a Vanguard mission church that was started in 2020. They began with 2-3 families and have recently had as many asContinue reading “Apostolic Christianity”

The Rise of Tyranny in the Church

            French President, Emanuel Macron, recently specified the reasons for his country outlawing homeschooling. He said that too many homeschoolers were being taught about God and that has proved to be a negative thing for society. It is obvious to anyone that has eyes and ears that totalitarianism is on the rise throughout the world. CountriesContinue reading “The Rise of Tyranny in the Church”

PCA Progressives Outmaneuver Conservatives… Once Again

When I woke up on Saturday, October 23, 2021, there were two texts that had been sent to me earlier that morning. One was from a pastor in the PCA. The other was from a pastor in Vanguard. The sentiments were the same for both of them with respect to the most recent decision ofContinue reading “PCA Progressives Outmaneuver Conservatives… Once Again”

The Spirituality of the Church

            Last Friday, I returned from my 37th mission trip to Russia since 1999. It is my practice to always take good literature with me on all my trips and my companion this time was Benjamin Morgan Palmer’s, The Life and Letters of James Henley Thornwell, which I re-read with great delight. Thornwell was just entering the ministryContinue reading “The Spirituality of the Church”