Pastor Steve Richardson’s Court Date on April 1, 2021

          Below is a news article that I wrote for The Aquila Report last week concerning Pastor Steve Richardson’s legal troubles with the Canadian government for holding services at his church with more than 10 people in attendance. After writing about Richardson in last week’s email to all of you who receive these emails, I was exhorted byContinue reading “Pastor Steve Richardson’s Court Date on April 1, 2021”

We Must Obey God Rather Than Men

            In April of 1748, Samuel Davies and John Rodgers, two New Side Presbyterian ministers, appeared before the General Court of the colony of Virginia for the purpose of applying for a license for Rodgers. Davies had been licensed the previous year according to the requirements of the onerous law in the colony of VirginiaContinue reading “We Must Obey God Rather Than Men”

Practical Problems with Redemptive-Historical Preaching

            When I began writing on the problems of Redemptive-Historical preaching last week, I ran out of time to complete my article due to several factors. I set forth the basic doctrinal problems with Redemptive-Historical preaching, but was unable to deal with the therefores that always follow the doctrinal truths. Today, I would like to completeContinue reading “Practical Problems with Redemptive-Historical Preaching”

Preaching on the Prodigal Son

            The fifteenth chapter of Luke gives three parables—the lost sheep, the lost coin, and the lost son. William Hendricksen commented on this chapter: “The three have one central theme, namely, The Father’s Yearning Love for the Lost. . . The shepherd seeks the one lost sheep. The woman searches carefully until she has found the oneContinue reading “Preaching on the Prodigal Son”

The True Preaching of the Gospel

            Over the past few weeks, I have written articles concerning the Redemptive-Historical approach to preaching which has become so prominent in Reformed circles. Why I would write such articles on behalf of Vanguard Presbytery has probably puzzled more than a few people. I will try to explain. Vanguard is a denomination in the tradition ofContinue reading “The True Preaching of the Gospel”

Vanguard Presbytery’s New Mission Church in Clarksville, TN

            It is my intention next week to write an article on what true gospel preaching is as a follow-up to my articles on Redemptive-Historical preaching, but this week I want to send out a report that was written by one of the ministers in Vanguard Presbytery, Joshua Light, about Vanguard’s newest mission in Clarksville, TN—ReformedContinue reading “Vanguard Presbytery’s New Mission Church in Clarksville, TN”

America’s Finest Preacher

Dear friends,   In light of the emails I have sent out recently concerning preaching, I thought it wouldbe helpful to forward to you this email from Reformation Heritage Books. They are announcingthe republication of the sermons of Samuel Davies–a model of the type of preaching that I endorseand which is consistent with the views ofContinue reading “America’s Finest Preacher”

What is Wrong with Redemptive-Historical Preaching?

            Redemptive-Historical preaching is a school of thought that began in the 1940’s, but really dates back to the Dutch Reformed theologians of the nineteenth century. There are many modern Reformed authors and theologians who vouch for Redemptive-Historical preaching as the only correct model for preaching the Scripture. I realize that there are probably many peopleContinue reading “What is Wrong with Redemptive-Historical Preaching?”

Presbytery Meeting

Presbytery MeetingFriday, January 29th, 2021 Held at Chalcedon Presbyterian ChurchCumming, Georgia             On Friday, January 29, 2021, Vanguard Presbytery met at the Chalcedon Presbyterian Church in Cumming, Georgia for her first in-person Presbytery meeting. The whole morning from 9 AM to noon was spent in prayer, preaching, and worship, per our convictions as a new denomination.Continue reading “Presbytery Meeting”

Questions and Answers About Evangelists

            Vanguard Presbytery’s view of evangelists receives more questions from people that anything else we believe. Thus, I want to take this opportunity to address some of the questions that come to us. 1. Q. On what basis can Vanguard Presbytery hold to the office of evangelist since evangelists are only mentioned in three places inContinue reading “Questions and Answers About Evangelists”