Clerical Cowardice in Modern America

            Martin Niemoller (1892-1984) was a German Lutheran pastor who witnessed the horrors of the Nazi holocaust and, like many intellectuals and clergy in Germany, cowardly remained silent as the Nazis systematically targeted classes and groups of society. Following the war, Niemoller penned a prose confession about his guilty silence. Surely, you have heard it orContinue reading “Clerical Cowardice in Modern America”

The Redefining of Evangelicalism by James Kessler and the National Partnership

            On April 23, 2021, The Aquila Report re-published an article by James Kessler, the self-professed founder of the secretive National Partnership in the PCA. Most members of the PCA are unaware that there is such a group as the National Partnership whose purpose is to take over the denomination. My intent in this article is not toContinue reading “The Redefining of Evangelicalism by James Kessler and the National Partnership”

What Are Our Principles and Why?

            Over the past week, I have had conversations with several people who have asked me how Vanguard Presbytery intends to protect against the same erosion of the faith that has destroyed other Presbyterian denominations. Heresy and immorality are the great killers of congregations and denominations. Christ warned the churches in Asia Minor about both problems.Continue reading “What Are Our Principles and Why?”

Beware the Cult of Personality

            A friend called me in August of 2019 to try to dissuade me from starting Vanguard Presbytery. These were his words to me: “You do not have the gravitas to pull this off.” I replied, “That is good, because I am not trying to do it based on my personal gravitas.” Later, he came byContinue reading “Beware the Cult of Personality”

Richard Denton, Samuel Davies, Daniel Baker, Ben Wilkinson and Vanguard Presbytery

           Richard Denton (1596-1672)—Francis Makemie (1658-1708), that flying angel, is often given credit for founding the first Presbyterian churches in America in 1683, but that honor actually belongs to an Englishman, Richard Denton. Denton was a Puritan and a Separatist from Yorkshire in England who studied under Thomas Cartwright, the intellectual leader of English Puritanism,Continue reading “Richard Denton, Samuel Davies, Daniel Baker, Ben Wilkinson and Vanguard Presbytery”

Affirmations and Denials

            One of my elders gave me the new biography, R. C. Sproul: A Life, by Stephen Nichols a week ago. There were many things that intrigued me about this biography of Sproul, but I want to refer to a couple of things that are relevant for Vanguard Presbytery.             First, Sproul several times used a phrase, “studiedContinue reading “Affirmations and Denials”

Pastor Steve Richardson’s Court Date on April 1, 2021

          Below is a news article that I wrote for The Aquila Report last week concerning Pastor Steve Richardson’s legal troubles with the Canadian government for holding services at his church with more than 10 people in attendance. After writing about Richardson in last week’s email to all of you who receive these emails, I was exhorted byContinue reading “Pastor Steve Richardson’s Court Date on April 1, 2021”

We Must Obey God Rather Than Men

            In April of 1748, Samuel Davies and John Rodgers, two New Side Presbyterian ministers, appeared before the General Court of the colony of Virginia for the purpose of applying for a license for Rodgers. Davies had been licensed the previous year according to the requirements of the onerous law in the colony of VirginiaContinue reading “We Must Obey God Rather Than Men”

Practical Problems with Redemptive-Historical Preaching

            When I began writing on the problems of Redemptive-Historical preaching last week, I ran out of time to complete my article due to several factors. I set forth the basic doctrinal problems with Redemptive-Historical preaching, but was unable to deal with the therefores that always follow the doctrinal truths. Today, I would like to completeContinue reading “Practical Problems with Redemptive-Historical Preaching”

Preaching on the Prodigal Son

            The fifteenth chapter of Luke gives three parables—the lost sheep, the lost coin, and the lost son. William Hendricksen commented on this chapter: “The three have one central theme, namely, The Father’s Yearning Love for the Lost. . . The shepherd seeks the one lost sheep. The woman searches carefully until she has found the oneContinue reading “Preaching on the Prodigal Son”