The Spirituality of the Church

            Last Friday, I returned from my 37th mission trip to Russia since 1999. It is my practice to always take good literature with me on all my trips and my companion this time was Benjamin Morgan Palmer’s, The Life and Letters of James Henley Thornwell, which I re-read with great delight. Thornwell was just entering the ministryContinue reading “The Spirituality of the Church”

Fleeing Persecution

            After calling His twelve disciples, Jesus gave to them several instructions. Most of the instructions are in the form of imperatives. They are principles which must be followed. These instructions are found for us in Matthew 10. They were rules for the disciples and those who would follow them. Thus, they are rules for usContinue reading “Fleeing Persecution”

Boast Only in the Lord

            During the reign of the wicked King Ahab of Israel, the king of Aram, Ben-Hadad, gathered his army to attack Israel. Ben-Hadad first demanded that Ahab give him all his gold and silver, as well as the most beautiful women and children of the land. When Ahab refused to do so, Ben-Hadad threatened that hordesContinue reading “Boast Only in the Lord”

The Solemn League and Covenant

            The “Long Parliament” convened in 1643 during a time of civil war in Great Britain. The purpose of this Parliament was to produce documents which would bring the Church of England into closer union with the Church of Scotland and the Continental Reformed churches. The Church of England had always lagged behind the Reformation andContinue reading “The Solemn League and Covenant”

Keeping a Denomination Pure

            I was interviewed last week by a Southern Baptist minister, Jon Harris, who does podcasts and videocasts on Conversations That Matter. He is a very sharp young man who already has a big influence among the conservative voices in the SBC. He also agrees mostly with the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faithwhich is very similar toContinue reading “Keeping a Denomination Pure”

Canadian Pastor, Steve Richardson, Needs Our Help

            TE Steve Richardson, formerly a pastor in the Canadian Presbytery of the ARP, has been greatly persecuted for his principled stance against the lockdowns in Canada as a response to Covid-19. Richardson and his former congregation, Faith Presbyterian Church (ARP) in Tillsonburg, Ontario, continued to meet for worship services in numbers larger than the stateContinue reading “Canadian Pastor, Steve Richardson, Needs Our Help”

Preventing the Fall of a Denomination

   As I begin writing today’s article (June 24, 2021), there is news of a devastating collapse of part of a condo building at Surfside, Florida near Miami. It is not yet known what caused it, but some locals have opined that it was probably a sinkhole that caused the collapse. It brings to mind whatContinue reading “Preventing the Fall of a Denomination”

Are These Just Petty Differences?

            Last Friday, June 12th, there was an article carried on Reformation Charlotte about the Woke Movement inroads into the Southern Baptist Church. Social Justice, Cultural Marxism. Critical Race Theory, Same-sex attraction, LGBTQ+, and Black Lives Matter movements are destroying both church and state throughout this great nation. Every major Protestant denomination in the US is experiencing theContinue reading “Are These Just Petty Differences?”

Why Conservatives Always Lose

            It is an undeniable fact that almost every conservative denomination that has ever existed has eventually gone liberal. Some people have tried to use that as an argument against Vanguard. They ask, “Why start another denomination when it will just be liberal in another forty years?” Of course, I think the stronger argument works betterContinue reading “Why Conservatives Always Lose”