Who Rules the Church?

            Over the past few weeks, we have looked at the rules of the OPC and the ARP concerning congregations that want to withdraw from those respective denominations. Such rules are not only important for congregations to consider before they unite with a denomination, but it is also absolutely imperative that they do so. Of course,Continue reading “Who Rules the Church?”

Withdrawing From The Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church

            Last week we considered the procedures for a congregation to withdraw from the OPC. This week we are considering the same concerning the ARP. Whenever I talk to people who are thinking of leaving the PCA, those two denominations along with Vanguard Presbytery are usually cited as viable options. One minister who attended the veryContinue reading “Withdrawing From The Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church”

The OPC and Local Church Property

            Over the past two weeks, I have been contacted by five different people with Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC) connections concerning the things I have written about a congregation withdrawing from that denomination with their property. One individual told me outright that I have misrepresented the OPC’s Constitution, values, and culture. He asked me to correct orContinue reading “The OPC and Local Church Property”

Questions and Answers

            As churches consider their options concerning a denomination where they can land, I thought it would be helpful to give some answers to various questions that have been addressed to me. 1. Q. Will every church in Vanguard be required to hire a staff member as an evangelist? A. No, there is no requirement inContinue reading “Questions and Answers”

Where Then Shall We Go?

Vanguard Presbytery: Where Then Shall We Go?             The great question facing many congregations is this: If we leave our present denomination, where do we go? Vanguard Presbytery is a great option as the chart below illustrates: Question or Issue Vanguard Presbytery Orthodox Pres Church (OPC) Associate ReformedPresbyterian (ARP) Allows various views of creation Holds toContinue reading “Where Then Shall We Go?”

“Yes, It Is Too Time”

            The Presbyterian Journal was founded in 1942 by Dr. L. Nelson Bell, the father of Ruth Bell Graham, who had been a medical missionary in China for many years before returning to the US. He was distressed with the encroaching liberalism in the PCUS so he and Dr. Henry Dendy started the above-named magazine to informContinue reading ““Yes, It Is Too Time””

The Eleventh Commandment of Presbyterians

            There is an unwritten rule that almost has the binding authority of a commandment among most Presbyterians. Every natural born Presbyterian knows this rule from birth. Every convert to Presbyterianism soon learns it. It is not directly taught in any new members class, but the culture of most Presbyterian congregations display it. I once observedContinue reading “The Eleventh Commandment of Presbyterians”

The Gospel According to Progressives

            One of the problems facing Christians today is that progressives have subtly deleted important doctrines from the gospel to supposedly make it more palatable to modern man. Those deleted doctrines are not enumerated by them, so Christians have to pay careful attention to their pastors in order to identify their errors. These modern progressives stillContinue reading “The Gospel According to Progressives”